Will Of The People: Gay Marriage & Marijuana

Will Of The People: Gay Marriage & Marijuana

By: A Known Hater

Is it me or is our government dragging their backsides on a few key issues?  Polls show that the vast majority of people want marijuana and gay marriage to be legal.  As of today, there are 36 states where gay marriage is banned outright.  As of today, marijuana is still illegal in 28 states and is still illegal at the Federal level in all 50 states.

The following is a perfect example of being a liberal and a conservative depending on the issue and why you shouldn’t pledge allegiance or loyalty to either party outright because they are both flawed in their own ways and ultimately a left/right political system will only further divide us.  And let’s face it, a united army of law-abiding tax-paying well-armed citizens is any government’s worst nightmare.

I’m for the legalization of gay marriage and marijuana.  Pretty liberal right?  I also believe the government, especially under the Bush and Obama administrations have DRASTICALLY overstepped their boundaries, invading our lives at every level.  I believe in free market solutions first and the role of small manageable government influenced entirely by the will of the people.  This government is so big and powerful that it’s absolutely forgotten who’s in charge, and it’s gotten a bit out of control.

The votes are in, we the people will marijuana and gay marriage to be legal.  Period.  The people have spoken.  There is no more time for Fox News and CNN to waste debating these two key and frankly BORING issues.  Even if I wasn’t for these issues, I agree that’s time to move on to more pressing issues.  It’s time for people who vote nay to fall in line with the majority of the country.  If you don’t want to smoke pot, don’t smoke pot.  If you aren’t a homosexual, don’t get gay-married.  Isn’t freedom a beautiful thing?  I hear “But what about the children?” to which I reply grow a pair.  Be a parent, this is life what are you going to do shield them from pot and gay sex?  Get over it, seriously.  They’ll be fine.

The bigger issue is our government only moving at a snails pace and it seems to be by design.  These lame issues are merely a distraction from what’s really going on in this country.  Each time a state legalizes gay marriage, we all celebrate.  Yay another win, we still have control over things.  We don’t.  

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