Server: LeSean McCoy Tipped 20 Cents

Server: LeSean McCoy Tipped 20 Cents

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Eagles running back LeSean McCoy electrifies his fans with fancy footwork on the field, but Monday it was a bold move off the field that stung Rob K’Nelly.

“He was sitting here, 3 friends were around him,” said K’Nelly.

Now, the waiter at PYT in Northern Liberties is on the offensive. “I kind of saw it coming,” said K’Nelly. “I forgot their appetizer, it was my fault.”

The PYT waiter is claiming that McCoy left 20 cents on a $61.56 bill.

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The server says the table of four was not satisfied with anything they ordered.

“The other guy had the lobster crabcake. He said no bun then it came out and complained, no bun, no veggies, no sauce,” said K’Nelly. “They gave our food runner a hard time about it being rude to him and the bartender.”

PYT says McCoy and his friends’ visit left a bad taste in their mouth. The popular burger joint posted a picture of McCoy’s receipt on its Facebook page, and the hot topic exploded on social media.

“Being a Giants fan, I wouldn’t expect anything less from an Eagle,” said Northern Liberties resident Chris Hreniuk.

Others disagreed.

“Hey, he’s got a right to do what he wants to do its his money,” said North Philadelphia resident Malik Muhammad.

“I work at Field House and wait on football players all the time. Riley Cooper has come in and he takes care of us. It’s shocking, upsetting and people work hard for tips it’s theirincome,” said waitress Kelly Gorman.

K’Nelly says he hopes talking about McCoy’s less than one percent tip sends a message to the pro-athlete and others.

“Just be nicer. Just because you’re a football player, I’m not your servant,” said K’Nelly.

When asked if McCoy is welcomed back, K’Nelly said, “Probably, but I won’t take care of him again.”

In addition to the McCoy backlash, PYT is getting criticism for posting the receipt to begin with. In McCoy’s defense, waiters and waitresses who have served McCoy are stepping up on social media saying that he’s always been a solid tipper.

FOX 29 reached out to McCoy and the Eagles, the team says McCoy is not commenting at this time.

The owner of PYT issued the following statement reading in part:

“I would like to address the LeSean McCoy tipping situation and our role in it. For starters, I take total and complete responsibility for sharing this receipt. It was not our server’s decision, it was mine. I am to blame. I decided to take action after some serious thought. And while I’d like to apologize to Mr McCoy, I cannot in good conscience do so. I stand by my actions one hundred percent.”