International Business Times Slams Known Hater

International Business Times Slams Known Hater

International Business Times Criticizes ‘Cannabis For Ebola” Article Posted On Alternative News Site

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Recently there’s been discussion about the scientific efficacy off medicinal cannabis. Medical marijuana studies are beginning to populate legitimate medical journals at an increasing rate.

For many, just hearing the term ‘medical marijuana’ is cause for a laugh and a rolling of the eyes, dismissing the term’s intended virtue. For others the term ‘medical marijuana’ is an understatement.

The goal of this post isn’t to sway your opinion one way or another. The goal is to present unbiased facts and allow you to make the call either way.  Here are the most common questions surrounding Cannabis Oil


I own The article you are sort of bashing was reposted by me, and was originally written by a retired Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeon

In short, he is more than qualified to speak about these things, certainly more qualified than you are to be calling his findings and opinions a ‘Hoax’.

Look man, concentrated doses of cannabis oil have been curing cancer left and right. I’ve seen it with my own two eyes and have read literally hundreds of case studies in credible medical journals like Harvard’s for example. All since my mom passed from cancer 10 years ago. Diabetes, seizures, cancer, all being knocked out. See: Rick Simpson Oil.

I’ve read some of your other writing, and you’re talented. I liked your article about ISIS. So I don’t want to bash you personally, just this specific article. For you to call the effects of CBDs a ‘Hoax’ is incredibly irresponsible of you. People are dying sir. You can’t sit on your computer and tell people to not consider these natural alternatives in addition to modern medicine, especially when you are absolutely NOT qualified to say such things.

Getting funding for Cannabis research is difficult enough, mostly because (wait for it) it’s illegal. And irresponsible headlines like this one sway popular opinion in a way that discourages progress and hopes for new cures less damaging than pills and chemo and radiation.

Please please consider these things. Your opinion as a journalist, though a talented one, has no weight among medical professionals.