Chicago’s North Side Living It Up In The Face Of Murderous South Side

Chicago’s North Side Living It Up In The Face Of Murderous South Side

#Chicago is on pace for 600 (reported) murders this year, the most in the country and it’s not even close. Growing up here, living here now, I’ve never felt unsafe like this city was dangerous. I walk around the city without worry and have since I was a kid in 7th grade riding the bus to school with my little brother, because I grew up on the North side.

People say this city is so dangerous, but it really doesn’t feel like it and that’s because it’s mostly black folks killing each other on the South side, away from all the tourist spots, restaurants and shops(white people).

It’s bullshit. If these insane murders happened daily in Lincoln Park there would be a whole coalition and a detailed plans to curb this violence. But it’s out of sight and out of mind so the people here and the officials in Chicago, though they say otherwise, really honestly truly could care less.

It’s not about disarming the people either. It’s not about gun control.

It’s about everyone coming together to make an investment in South side infrastructure. It’s about offering them promising alternatives to gangs and gangster ways.

They look around and see hopelessness. They see struggle and heartbreak. They see the other half of their city living it up in the face of their pain. Hard to better your life when you’re in constant survival mode being judged by pretentious politicians and North siders. What would you do in their shoes?

Whatever, off to Nordstrom.